Stronger Communities Grants – Round Five Expressions of Interest

Closing date for Expressions of Interest: 5pm Wednesday 18 September 2019.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Stronger Communities Grant during Round 5 of the program. Please read the following information carefully. You will be required to certify that you have read this documentation in order to apply for funding under the program. 

The Expression of Interest form is located below these terms.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the Office of Susan Templeman MP on 1300 519 482 or via email on [email protected]

Only applications which comply with the following terms will be considered.

  1. $150,000 of funding is available to fund grants between $2,500 and $20,000 to a maximum of 20 projects.
  2. The following entities are eligible to apply:
    • Local governments
    • Incorporated not-for-profit organisations (e.g. child care centres, local aged care bodies, P&Cs, local SES and RFS brigades)
    • Incorporated trustees on behalf of a trust with responsibility for a community asset or property.
    • Indigenous non-for-profit organisations
  3. Applicants must have an ABN and must be an incorporated entity.
  4. Applicants must be able to match the funding applied for under the program. Matched funding can be in cash or in-kind.
  5. Grant funding will be up to a maximum of 50% of eligible project costs.
  6. Projects should schedule to complete the project by 30 June 2020.
  7. Applicants must have a plan for how they will carry out the project and be able to provide documentation to prove this, when requested.
  8. GST treatment: If the applicant is registered for GST, the eligible project costs should be GST exclusive. If the applicant is not registered for GST, the eligible project costs should be GST inclusive.
  9. Expenditure items that are not eligible for funding under the program:
    • The cost of the provision of services and support activities (e.g. volunteer time to run the program)
    • The cost of business as usual activities not related to the project, including staff salaries
    • Recurring or ongoing expenditure (e.g. annual maintenance)
    • Funding to stage events, exhibit a display or for filming
    • Funding to undertake studies or investigations
    • Purchase of land or buildings
    • Funding for the development of private or commercial ventures
  10. Special note for applicants from P&Cs: The Department requires that the project bring benefit to the community as a whole, not just the school community. Therefore, P&Cs are only able to apply for funding where outside members of the community would also gain benefit form the project (e.g. basketball courts resurfacing where the basketball courts are able to be used by other members of the community-at-large).
  11. Susan Templeman MP will convene an independent panel to allocate the funds as that panel sees fit. Ms Templeman will then submit the determination of the panel to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science who will decide whether to approve or reject the nomination. 
  12. To be funded, the project must be located within the Federal Division of Macquarie.
  13. You must have appropriate insurance coverage for the project.
  14. You also must read, acknowledge and accept the Department's eligibility criteria. This information may also assist you in submitting your application. The documents are located: at


Need some inspiration? Have a look at some of the 2017 and 2018 recipients




Wednesday 18 September, 2019 at 5pm. 

Late submissions will not be accepted.


Applications must be made using the below form.

Expressions of Interest received by other means will not be considered. Please ensure you provide as much information and detail as possible, and that you complete all fields. There are four pages to the form. Ensure you have completed all of them. Your applications has not been submitted until you click the "Submit" button on the fourth page. Incomplete applications will not be considered, and no extensions of time will be given.

This form will ask you about the details of your organisation, and specific detail about the project you are seeking funding for. Please have this information ready as you cannot save the form and return to it at a later date.

You are reminded that your response to each question need not be lengthy, but it must provide sufficient detail of the project and why is it required so that the Panel to make an informed decision. Applications not providing specific detail as to the project will be rejected.