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September 14, 2018



Residents and businesses in the lower Blue Mountains who just three months ago were told
they could expect NBN services to be operational from July are now being told they will
have to wait until next year.

Member for Macquarie, Susan Templeman, said they were among the 1.3 million premises
across Australia who would have their NBN rollout delayed in 2018-19 alone.

“This is just the latest in a long list of delays. The Government and NBNco must provide
some certainty.

“Residents and businesses need to be able to plan, but are being left in limbo,” Ms
Templeman said. “This constant changing of dates is incredibly frustrating and I have had
angry emails from people who have been hanging out for their connection as delivery date
after delivery date gets moved.

“Just three months ago, homes and businesses from Lapstone to Faulconbridge were told
to be ready to switch over to NBN from July, then September, and now we’re looking at
January next year at the earliest,” she said. “While those in Linden and Hazelbrook are
being told they have to wait until between April and June.

Ms Templeman said residents should continue to the check the NBN Co website
( for updates.

“Not only is the NBN a multi-technology mess, it’s now $22 billion over budget and 4 years
behind the promised timeline.

“It’s even more galling that new research by UNSW shows that Australia would have seen
stronger social benefits by sticking to a majority fibre NBN, with the benefits from Labor’s
Fibre to the Premises model outweighing the additional cost.”


Ms Templeman said the delay in NBN connections was causing a nightmare for doctors,
staff and patients from the Winmalee Medical Practice waiting to relocate to their new
surgery on Whitecross Road Winmalee since the beginning of August.

“This is the mess that the delay to NBN has created, because new premises have to try and
get a landline from Telstra or do without. In this case, the Practice can’t operate without
good internet and phone lines.

“My office has been following up with both Telstra and NBN Co for weeks to try and have
this situation resolved, after Dr Mike de Vries raised concerns about the situation with me.

“NBN Co has advised my office that while the build continues and the area is not yet ready
for NBN service, the network and connections side of things is still a matter for individual
phone and internet providers.

“But certainly in the case of Winmalee Medical Centre, they’re being told something quite
different by Telstra.”

“It’s a confusing and frustrating situation and is being replicated across new homes and
businesses. It wouldn’t be happening if NBN had rolled out as planned.”