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August 14, 2019

On the eve of her fourth National Disability Insurance Scheme review, disability advocate and NDIS participant, Kristie McCarthy, says she isn’t filled with confidence in the Federal Government announcement that it is launching a review of the NDIS.

Speaking to Federal Member for Macquarie, Susan Templeman, Ms McCarthy said people with disability needed urgent action right now, not in the middle of next year, as heralded by the Government.

“People are waiting for urgent services and equipment like wheelchairs right now. If the Government is going to have a review, it should at least put more staff into the NDIS now so they can deal with the delays and problems that people are experiencing right now,” Ms McCarthy said.

“And they should stop slashing people’s NDIS plans for no apparent reason. Almost everyone I know who has had a plan review has lost funding. In my last review, I lost $25,000 and now this week I’m up for another review, I’m really worried.”

Ms Templeman said Ms McCarthy was just one of many people in the Hawkesbury who had been frustrated by delays in accessing support through the NDIS or had funding cut from their NDIS plan.

“Kristie first came to me for help in 2017 when her NDIS plan hit a roadblock for no apparent reason. It’s disheartening to see people like Kristie losing confidence in what should have been a life changing scheme,” Ms Templeman said.

“This week, we have seen the Morrison Government announce a review – but in the last six years there have already been at least 20 federal reports and reviews into the NDIS. 
“And the Government needs only listen to my speeches in parliament – as recently as last month – to hear examples of how the system is failing the people it was designed to help.

“By announcing a review that will report back in October - and a service guarantee not brought in until mid-2020 - the Government is simply delaying what needs to be done and is ensuring more months of dysfunction.
“This Government  has already ripped $1.6b out of the scheme to prop up its Budget, imposed a staffing cap and has presided over an executive exodus at the NDIA (which has been without a CEO for more than 100 days).  Now it has appointed an external investigator to propose solutions to their own mess.
“The sad reality is we have a National Disability Insurance Scheme with an underspend of $1.6 billion that is leaving people like Kristie and the people who care for them, without the support they need.
“It is not ok to balance the books on the backs of some of the most vulnerable people in our community.  People with disability and their carers need leadership and funding not stunts and delaying tactics.”